Privacy Policy

My Recruitment Portal Privacy Policy

This page is designed to give direct and unique information to the public about how information given to us by our visitors and readers are been managed.


The comment section is provided for readers to give in their opinion, react and also at times some your personal interest for a follow-up or update of the post. In the comment section, you will be asked to provide your contact information like email address and phone number. Note that your details will not be shared or given out to anyone.

Information received from our users and readers are reviewed and saved by us to keep them updated if they find any post necessary and a point of interest (by checking the follow-up comment/post boxes). The safety of your personal information for your satisfactory benefit is our goal. The use of irrelevant, spammy and abusive words in the comment boxes is highly prohibited. To attain satisfaction and safety it is highly advisable to cooperate with our policy.

In case of any misunderstanding or misconception about a particular post please kindly inform us through the comment box.


When dropping a comment through the comment dialog provided, two boxes are shown below with one seeking the permission to keep you updated on new posts on the site. For your own interest, it is advisable to click the box before submitting a comment and then follow it up in your email account to ensure that you get the latest update on the site.

Google Ads and Compliance

My Recruitment Portal uses the Google advertising program (Google Ads). We have put in much effort to meet up with Google ad sense terms of service. If you feel uncomfortable with the sight of the google ads displayed on this website, please kindly opt out from the use of DART cookies through the Google ad content network policy page. This Company uses log files to get visitors referral page, date and time of visit. Information received from Log files are safe with us and can never be shared with anyone.